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Fish in Time
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Fish 'in Time 2  ( Download Now )

What is the point in going fishing if your catch rate is going to be poor ? 

Have ever been fishing in a particular location and done well, then only to return to the same location on another day and done badly ?

The Solunar Theory tells us that certain times of the day and certain days of the month can be far more productive when it comes to catching fish. We suggest you read the Solunar Theory page to gain a broader knowledge on this subject.

fishintime2.jpg (77053 bytes)

Screen Shot of Fish 'in Time version 2.

Fish 'in Time is a powerful and accurate fishing tool yet is very clear and simple to use and requires little input from the user. Just enter your location coordinates !

Fish 'in Time displays, with respect to the Solunar Theory, the peak days and times of the month to fish. This done  by calculating the Moon phase and the relative astronomical positions of the Moon & Sun, for your location.  



bullet Using the data provided by Fish 'in Time maximizes your catch productiveness.
bullet Simple, clear and user friendly interface.
bullet Produce hard copies to take with you, displaying of all the necessary data for your fishing expedition.
bullet Log and record past fishing trips and compare against the solunar theory.




Current Moon Phase and Fishing Prediction in Taskbar

bullet Automatically displays the current moon phase in the windows task bar on start up.
bullet Automatically displays the current fishing prediction in the task bar on start up.


menu.gif (2652 bytes)


Sun / Moon / Major / Minor / Peak Fishing data

bullet Visually displays the peak fishing days on a graph.
bullet Displays the  moon phase for any given day.
bullet Displays the Major and Minor fishing times for any given day.
bullet Displays the Sun rise & set times for any given day.
bullet Displays the Moon rise & set times for any given day.
bullet Displays age of Moon and the exact New & Full Moon times.
bullet Displays distance the Moon is from Earth in Kilometers.



New Features in this version


Prints all the data in a calendar format

bullet Prints out monthly calendars, one month per page.
bullet Select data to be displayed for each day in the calendar.

Other Enhancements

bullet Save co-ordinates setting for multiple locations.
bullet Select dates by clicking on graph points.
bullet Resize the window to fit your whole screen.
bullet Return to current date with a click of a  button.
bullet Select any background color for your graph display.


Enviromental Statement

Please do not abuse the data provided by this product. Greed and overfishing can destroy fish stocks for our future generations. This program is intended to maximize your catch rate for your fishing expedition, not mass exploitation and overfishing.

Take only what you need for yourself and family. Don't overstock the freezer, they are better off swimming around fresh and reproducing themselves. Now you know the best days to fish, you can come back next time, with similar catch results.

Please fish for the future and respect bag limits. Practice catch and release of fish for the sport of fishing. Take a photo, it lasts longer !


486 DX 100 PC
Disk Space:
2.5 MB
Operating System:
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT
Required to print calendars


Description Price AUD$    Approx    Price US$ Order Now
Fish 'in Time 2 Internet version AUD $29.95 US $ 20.00 Click here to Order

Fish 'in Time 2              CD-Rom version

AUD $39.95 US $ 25.95 Click here to Order

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Remember that if there are no fish present, you will not be successful. Local knowledge of where fish congregate is vital. Plan your day so that you are where the fish are most likely to be during the Solunar Periods.

The weather plays a significant role as to the effectiveness of a Solunar Period. Adverse temperature, abnormal water conditions , barometric fluctuations, particularly when the trend is down, will offset the effects of the Solunar Periods.

On a final note, we have been using solunar peroids data for 6 years in both our fishing charter and commercial operations and have found it to be very accurate.

Fish 'in Time will predict the best day and time that each month has to offer, according to the Solunar Theory, but is not a guarantee of any type.

All we can say is check it out for yourself !

Click here to download the free evaluation version 


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